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Farewell Badby and Banbury

I have been a member of Badby Photo Club, followed by Banbury Camera Club for several years, but recently due to other commitments, decided to move on.  I have enjoyed my time at both these clubs and decided to show a collection of photographs which I have entered into competitions, some of which did well and some didn't!.  I met, and hope to keep in touch with, some lovely people at Badby and Banbury.

 One of the first images I entered was this one of "The Books" at Thurlestone in South Devon.. 

This also did very well for the club at several external competitions...

An image that didn't do so well was this one on the left...

Receiving a mighty 12 out of 20 :) it was taken at Grasmere in the Lake District, you can't win 'em all.

Natural History isn't really a strong point of mine, but following the departure of our excellent Bird Photographer (Barry Boswell ) I managed to win a couple of competitions with these two images..

Sometimes I think my images were a little two way out for the judges...

This one was fun to do but didn't impress the judge.

 A collection of my competition images are below...

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