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27 August 2021

I enjoy the challenge of macro photography.. 

There doesn't seem to have been many insects around this year, but I thought I'd try and find some suitable subjects on this morning's dog walk.  The difficulties with macro are the very shallow depth of field and lack of lighting where bright sunlight can produce unsightly shadows.  Today was a fairly bright day but the subjects I found were in slight shade.

My Setup

All of the images were taken with the Canon 6D, using the Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens as it has a very fast maximum aperture of f2.8.

  • Due to the shade I upped the ISO to 400 or 800
  • Aperture f6.3 or f8 to try and get as much Depth of Field as I could
  • I use Servo Focussing as both the bug and myself are moving, to try and obtain as sharp an image as possible

All of the bugs were a little on the small side so all of these images are quite heavily cropped but, hopefully, these show the quality of both the 100mm lens and 6D body.  The spider was particularly small, in fact I wasn't sure what it was until I looked through the camera, it was about the size of a grain of rice!  I have included the full frame for reference.

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