Invisible Black Background

We had a visiting speaker at Badby Photo club, Glyn Dewis, who is an excellent photographer, Image Retoucher and inspiration.  One of the things he demonstrated was what he called his Invisible Black Background (IBB), this is a way of pretending that you have an expensive studio setup and you can use the technique anywhere even outside on a sunny day.

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Farewell Badby

I have been a member of Badby Photo Club for several years, but this year I've decided to move to a larger club, Banbury.  I have enjoyed my time at Badby and decided to show a collection of photographs which I have entered into competitions at Badby, some of which did well and some didn't!.  I met, and hope to keep in touch with, some lovely people at Badby, but I'm looking forward to the challenge of Banbury. 

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Dogs in Action

Dogs in Action

I am lucky to have two very agile Border Collies and one lazy Golden Retriever who love to be photographed!

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